The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Limestone Crusher Plant

Limestone crusher plant is an important piece of equipment in the construction industry. It is used to crush the large limestone into small particles so that they can be used for the production of construction materials like cement and concrete. Limestone crusher plant is also known as the secondary crushing station because it is responsible for the final product size and quality.

Regular maintenance of limestone crusher plant

1. Check the temperature regularly, and listen to the sound

- The temperature and sound of the equipment can be observed from the control room, such as whether the motor is abnormal, whether the bearing temperature is rising, or the lubrication is abnormal. These observations can help to identify potential problems before they become severe issues.

2. Ensure lubrication of parts

- Friction between the moving parts of the limestone crusher plant is a common challenge for the crushing process. Wear-resistant parts are also a crucial part of the maintenance process. One of the challenges of changing wear parts in a cone crusher is the backliner material. Other models use epoxy behind the liners to improve the fit, but every time the liner needs changing, the epoxy has to be re-poured. This is both a hazardous and a time-consuming task that can increase downtime and, subsequently, production costs. If the crusher is wearing low in the chamber or high in the chamber, you are going to get pockets or a hook and it's going to cause overload, either high amp draw or bowl floating. This will have a negative effect on performance and cause long-term damage to componentry.

3. Provide regular maintenance checks

- Regular maintenance checks on the limestone crusher plant include monitoring fluid levels, oil temperatures, oil pressure, and countershaft speed. The inspection also includes electrical system checks, belt inspections, and the adjustment of the clearance between the rotor and the breaker plate.

4. Ramp up your wear parts

- When replacing wear parts, it is crucial to follow the correct procedure to avoid any potential hazards. It is recommended to replace wear parts on a routine schedule to ensure they are fresh and sharp.

5. Keep an eye on vibration

- Limestone crusher plant has many layers and a high-speed rotor, so the vibrations of the machine are inevitable. However, excessive vibration can greatly affect the smooth operation of the equipment.


Regular maintenance and repair are essential to keep the limestone crusher plant in good condition. Proper operation and maintenance can not only improve the crushing efficiency but also reduce the failure rate and downtime. In addition to the regular maintenance, the crusher plant should be checked and cleaned regularly to maintain its efficiency and value. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of the limestone crusher plant and improve its economic value.

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